The VanZahn Show

Promoting the streaming services of The VanZahn Show, a community based streaming channel featuring gaming, art, music, tech support and live consultations as well as general chat show content.

The main host and owner of Lamplight Image Solutions, graphic designer Mark 'Vanzahn' Pritchard has been building his streaming services on and off for the last couple of years. He has educated himself from scratch in areas relevant to streaming/ PC gaming/PC maintenance and live broadcasting in general

Lamplight Image Solutions are also the head image consultant of our creative identity here at Artworks3.

Over this period Van has cultivated nearly 150 followers, along with popular clips on his twitch channel, which boasts heavily edited zany and dynamic Youtube videos featuring his stream highlights and gameplay. His channel will be taking a new turn as he expands his output to work with in house guests as well as other streamers within his online community.

The content surrounding The VanZahn Show is prominently gameplay, but coming this autumn/winter 2020 he will be able to provide LIVE performances as DJ Vanzahn, tech babble with guests and LIVE tutorials covering computer based graphic design work. 




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