Artworks3 Artist Profile - Trianda Baker

Name: Trianda Baker      Live: Totnes      From: Devon      Occupation: Artist/Illustrator

Bio: A creator of colourful pieces that are inspired by nature and concepts. Working in mixed media, using watercolour, ink, copic markers, acrylics and glitter! I'm a self taught artist that likes to create colourful and detailed pieces that have an Art Nouveau fell to them. I make prints of my work which are available on my Etsy shop. All of which are giclee prints on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper, ensuring high quality for years to come. I also sell original pieces and do commissions.


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Artworks3 Artists Profile - Russell King


Name: Russell King   From: Bermuda   Live: Edge of Dartmoor Devon   Occupation: Artist, photographer and filmmaker of psychological and social evolutionist quietly observing an expanding universe and reverence of life. 

Bio: Russell was born in London. At 9 months old with his famous jazz musician dad went to live in Bermuda. Russell works predominately in anti-social, sexual perversion; he uses all materials to develop his concept of shadow stop Fight reality stop Aesthetic beauty stop Focusing on the beauty of observation and the feelings invoked from this stop Enabling Russell to share the intensity of his emotional observations stop - negating dimensional paradoxes of how we feel as human beings - stop! 

The themes of mental health, alcoholism, hopelessness and striving for well-being transcend through art. His work has shown in galleries in Switzerland stop His own gallery in Plymouth and at Spitalfields London United Kingdom stop Brittany France stop Most Southerly Islands of Japan stop Iceland stop Israel stop Northern Island of Terseheling Holland stop Denmark stop Croatia stop Kenya stop Geneva stop Making him a collaborative international artist! Russell continues to set up exhibition on global basis wherever he travels. 

We asked Russell what was one of his most favourites times and he stated working with Aldo Fletcher because of mutual respect and dignity. In Geneva Russell worked with Aldo Fletcher (famous Northern Italian sculptor) filming Aldo for his promotional work for exhibition. Russell enjoyed these experiences. Russell loves to travel 30 miles an hour, fly through the sky and ski. He has also produced snowballing films in Switzerland.

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Artworks3 Artist Profile - Tree Gilroy

Name: Tree Gilroy                Live: Norfolk/Suffolk From: Cambridge          Occupation: Artist, DJ and Carer

Bio: I am a compulsive creative who transcends colour coordination, a grandmother and a bass music dj who makes most of her won clothes, hats and stuff. I paint, with brushes, like a woman possessed with a wild look in my eye that will not be tamed when in the flow. I paint backdrops for parties, on wood, on canvas, on anything I can get my hands on, normally at least 4-20 things at a time and mostly in acrylics.



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Artworks3 Artist Profile - Ro Robinson

Name: Ro Robinson             Live: Plymouth  From: Plymouth         Occupation: Freelance Model, Apprentice in Theatrical and Media Make-up

Bio: From a young age I performed on stage singing, dancing and acting, later on I  moved to behind the scenes and became intrigued with theatrical and media make-up, this led me to work with Bethany Lupton Photography, where I gained experience working as a model and creating make-up looks for myself and other models.

My family filled my childhood with art, music and books. I grew up admiring my big sister, she was massive inspiration to me and helped me find my way. My writing comes from a place of personal experience, it's a way for me to process and communicate. My artwork also comes from somewhere personal, I draw and paint the many things that inspire me.

Modelling Shots: City Artist Challenging Health Stigma! , Artworks3 Artists Profile - Bethany Lupton

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Artworks3 Artist Profile - Andy Laidlaw

Name: Andy Laidlaw            Live: Plymouth From: Plymouth          Occupation: Photographer & Health-care Assistant         

Bio: Professional Photographer based in Plymouth, currently working as a Health-care Assistant in Plymouth as part of two agencies.

I'm passionate about photography and love to take pictures on Dartmoor.  I am married with two children and I love to meet and work with people. I am interested in creating a portfolio of work with an aim to work with models in the future as part of my venture into portrait photography.



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