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Name: Simon Tytherleigh 

Odd Planet Studios

Living: Bradninch, Devon

From: Here

Occupation: Stop motion animator and filmmaker, special make-up effects creator, writer and director.

Bio: Simon worked professionally in television for many years, principally for the BBC, developing the prosthetic effects on programmes such as 'Casualty','The Medics','999' and 'The Vet'. 'Casulty' won the BAFTA award for best make-up in 1992 and the RTS team award in 1993. He has also worked in films, and painted the figure of Death for Gilliam's 'Adventures of Baron Munchausen'. Recently, he created the monster prosthetic for Four of Swords' hugely successful 'Frankenstein'.

He is now following his passion for stopmotion animation with an independent production of a classic Cornish Legend, 'The Legend of Jan Tregeagle'. This has now been several years in development and is moving into the production stage (2017). It features silicon and latex puppets in handcrafted sets and some recognisable Cornish locations faithfully reproduced in miniature.

Simon also creates animated videos for others, notably a stage production, 'Impisi' for CEDA, several short pieces for the Exeter Pound, and some timelapse videos.

He is working on a long-term sci-fi project with a group of learning disabled adults, as a cameraman and modelmaker.

Simon has designed and constructed his own 6 axis motion control rig, which will be on show on Saturday June 17th at the Riveria Film Festival in Torquay.

He has also written and directed theatre productions, most notably 'Diamonds are for Trevor', a bond spoof incorporating film and animation within a musical stage show performed by local players. Another Bond production is in the works, provisionally entitled 'Never say Trevor again'. Simon has also acted in several local film projects.

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