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'Battle for Slumburbia'

Name: Barry John

Live: Melbourne, Australia

Occupation: Sculptor

Bio: Barry John was born in New Zealand , moved to the UK in 2010 and currently resides in Australia. He works predominately in clay but also utilises resins, plastics, bone and wood. His work focuses on the human condition, centring on themes of mental health, consumerism and conflict. His work has shown in galleries in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

As well as fine art, John is the owner of The Museum of Crypotozoology and Occult Science. An online store and traveling market stall, making and selling reproductions of historical artefacts, faux taxidermy and items of a bizarre or mysterious nature. He is also available for commissions and film and television prop work.

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'Free Speech'
'His Message Touched'
'Wartime Economics'

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