Name: Rich Palmer (Tattoo name: Rich Infamous)
  Live: Plymouth
  From: Newton Abbot
  Occupation: Tattoo Apprentice/ Freelance Illustrator/Drummer


  • I specialise in grim, dark and gloom. Heavily line based and black work style.
  • I'm working as an apprentice at Victory Tattoo Company Since April 2016.
  • I design T-shirts, posters, album covers for bands around the globe. Usually of the metal persuasion due to my dark style.
  • I've been drumming for bands for many years. Currently in a Balkan Ska/Circus Dub/ Reggae Folk band.
  • I want to travel the world with my tattooing in a few years and live a nomadic lifestyle.
  • I like cats more than most people. Will stop in the street to befriend one even if it means being late to my own wedding. 























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