Creative identity content for new businesses, events, festivals, flyers, musicians and promotional poster design. Over 20 years plus experience in graphic ident work.

Clean, dynamic and professional.


How do I start?

Book a consultation through my Facebook page or email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What type of consultation would it be?

Consultations will be conducted online via Zoom, Skype or your preferred social platform.


How much will it cost me?

Each project cost is based on technical challenge, estimated time investment and the clients requirements.

Average prices for projects:

£60 - £120 ...bespoke logo for business.

£220 - £440 ...bespoke logo for business + promotional pack (2)*

£440 - £525 ...bespoke logo for business + promotional pack (3-4)*

£525 - £1500 ...bespoke logo for business + promotional pack (4) + animated logo. 

*Client has the option to choose from the listed promotional work offered during the consultation - to build the package suitable to their needs.


Outcomes from the consultation?

During the consultation an agreement* will be made where a  deposit will be discussed and invoiced.


What's the next step?

The client has 2 amendment periods (for adjustments). These dates will be shared during consultation.


When do I make my final payment?

After the second adjustment has been confirmed the remaining payment is to be made for the project.


When do I receive my finished project?

The finished project will be sent to your direct email in formats specified (in the consultation), usually within 2-weeks** after the final payment.


* the agreement will be drawn up as a contract of business to be signed by both client and lamplight image solutions.


** Dependent on complexity of brief.

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