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Name: Julian Isaacs, also known as Auntie Pus (The Punk Balladeer)
Live: Plymouth Stonehouse resident since 2000
From: Hails from South West London
Occupation: Musician and Poet

Bio: Julian Isaacs first sold his poetry in the corridors of Kensington Market in the early 1970s, and cites his influences as the Children of Albion and the Beats. Currently, following graduating in an English BA from the University of Exeter, he is completing a Creative Writing MA. Julian has recently had poems published in Poems Against Prejudice, Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis,  and the Plymouth Herald,  and has published his dissertation sequence of poems inspired by the Great American Songbook: The Breathless Thrush of Unevensong in chapbook form. His new collection Tears In The Rigging has just been published in May 2017. He has delivered innovative creative writing workshops in a number of varied settings including probation hostels, prisons, drug and alcohol day services and community education projects.

Julian began his punk career as Auntie Pus in 1977, when he was featured in the national press.

In 1980 his single Halfway To Venezuela c/w Marmalade Freak was issued on Septic Records to critical acclaim, including being awarded Single of the Week in Sounds music paper. He toured extensively with The Damned, The Ruts and Splodgenessabounds. His most recent release was Yolanda's Dreams in 2014, also on Septic Records.


 Julian is also the founder of and rhythm guitarist in two gypsy swing bands: Hot Club of Stonehouse, based in Devon, and Douce Vitesse, based in London.

Hot Club of Stonehouse have appeared twice on BBC Devon and Douce Vitesse on Resonance FM in London.

 Julian is also a vintage 1950s and 1960s vinyl DJ, regularly playing vintage and rockin' events with Shake Rattle & Soul.






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