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Why should you go with Animation to promote your business?

Animation can reduce the complex ideas to simple easy to grasp concepts, as animation can be easily tailored to a higher degree than live action footage.

There are a wide variety of animation styles and techniques that could be considered; character based films either in 2D or 3D, drawn cell animation, stop-motion (puppets, claymation) rotoscoping, cut-out paper based animations and pixilation.

Our process of business commissioned animations are in four phases; Consultation, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Time is the major factor behind the process as well as the cost. The budget, approach and the storyboard decides everything. Thereafter, the production and post-production phases effectively become one.

The style of the animation content heavily depends on the brief and is negotiable, typically projects range from £1,500- £10,000 payment plan available with initial deposit. 

1. Consultation

At this stage of the project, it is your job to speak to us to clarify and refine the ideas that you have, which you are able to do so through having a free Animation Consultation with our team.

2. Pre-Production

2. Scripting - to incorporate marketing objectives into the animation.

3. Storyboarding - relating the words to images in the order they appear.

3. Production

4. Characters - a library of images covering the scenarios being described (so they can be re-used)

5. Audio, Music & Voice over - the audio noises, sound effects, music  and narrations - aren't always necessary, but they can make a difference.

4. Post-Production


6. Render and Export


Business Client: Dorcas Media  'Mr B' character based animation, promoting his business in PR - 2016

Artworks 3 'Logo Animation' - 2016 

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