Online Tutoring Services

1:1 Online Tutoring Services for Maths and English UK Curriculum. How do I start?

In a nutshell:

- Study Skills Support.

Critical Thinking and Writing 

Research and Resource Skills

Reading techniques 


Academic language and writing 

Grammer and spelling strategies


Writing composition and cohesion

Work load planning

Revising and exam strategies 

Editing techniques and proofreading strategies

Reflective thinking and writing 

Improved memory skills, concentration and focus

Learning styles

Note taking strategies

Decoding assignment brief

Presentations (IT, ICT skills) 

Software programmes (dependent on student requirement)

Harvard referencing 

- Mentoring

Organisation and management of academic workload

Motivational support 

Problem solving 

Coping strategies

Managing anxiety and stress

Coping with changes 

Developing SMART targets and action tasks

Assessment stress 

Developing and managing portfolio work











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