Artworks3 Artist Profile - Eloise Dodsworth


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Eloise Dodsworth is a mixed media artist based in Plymouth, Devon.

Her creative journey started at PCA (Plymouth College of Art) in 2014 studying an Extended Diploma in Art and Design, moving onto a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design in 2018. Eloise is currently in her 3rd year of her BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree, where she has just completed her dissertation exploring how the ideal feminine form has shifted through history.

 Dodsworth's practice typically explores the human form, considering both mental and physical aspects as well as social and political themes embedded within this.
Dodsworth's works have demonstrated an array of mediums, including textiles, sculpture, photography, considering how each of these materials and mediums relate to the human body.

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Artworks3 Artists Profile - Russell King


Name: Russell King   From: Bermuda   Live: Edge of Dartmoor Devon   Occupation: Artist, photographer and filmmaker of psychological and social evolutionist quietly observing an expanding universe and reverence of life. 

Bio: Russell was born in London. At 9 months old with his famous jazz musician dad went to live in Bermuda. Russell works predominately in anti-social, sexual perversion; he uses all materials to develop his concept of shadow stop Fight reality stop Aesthetic beauty stop Focusing on the beauty of observation and the feelings invoked from this stop Enabling Russell to share the intensity of his emotional observations stop - negating dimensional paradoxes of how we feel as human beings - stop! 

The themes of mental health, alcoholism, hopelessness and striving for well-being transcend through art. His work has shown in galleries in Switzerland stop His own gallery in Plymouth and at Spitalfields London United Kingdom stop Brittany France stop Most Southerly Islands of Japan stop Iceland stop Israel stop Northern Island of Terseheling Holland stop Denmark stop Croatia stop Kenya stop Geneva stop Making him a collaborative international artist! Russell continues to set up exhibition on global basis wherever he travels. 

We asked Russell what was one of his most favourites times and he stated working with Aldo Fletcher because of mutual respect and dignity. In Geneva Russell worked with Aldo Fletcher (famous Northern Italian sculptor) filming Aldo for his promotional work for exhibition. Russell enjoyed these experiences. Russell loves to travel 30 miles an hour, fly through the sky and ski. He has also produced snowballing films in Switzerland.

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Artworks3 Artists Profile - Barry John

'Battle for Slumburbia'

Name: Barry John

Live: Melbourne, Australia

Occupation: Sculptor

Bio: Barry John was born in New Zealand , moved to the UK in 2010 and currently resides in Australia. He works predominately in clay but also utilises resins, plastics, bone and wood. His work focuses on the human condition, centring on themes of mental health, consumerism and conflict. His work has shown in galleries in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

As well as fine art, John is the owner of The Museum of Crypotozoology and Occult Science. An online store and traveling market stall, making and selling reproductions of historical artefacts, faux taxidermy and items of a bizarre or mysterious nature. He is also available for commissions and film and television prop work.

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E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         

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